About Miss Jen

jen teaching

I’m Jenifer Harms, or as the kids call me, Miss Jen.

After I earned my Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Denver with an emphasis in Visual Communication, I worked professionally as a graphic designer and art director for 15 years. When my first child was born, it became clear that he needed a mama that could drop everything and run. So fortunately, my husband made it possible for me to be a stay-at-home mom, where I continued to hone my creativity as a contributing author to Family Fun Magazine, art teacher, writing teacher, and of course- a very involved mom. There is a lot of opportunity to be creative as a parent, and my most rewarding and greatest learning experience has been raising my own boys.

20 years of being a mom taught me that although I like to make things, I love kids more.  When I have a choice of being alone to do my own art or hanging with kids- the kids win every time. So I started teaching grades K-8 in schools, and then built on a studio to my house in 2005. At my house,I can keep my classes small so that I can give each child the individual attention they need to be successful.

Raising my boys also taught me that all children need different things to be successful. They both overcame challenges that required intensive parenting and gave me a deep love and understanding for the kids that are struggling to get along in the world. I want my classes to be a relaxed and happy place where kids feel loved and accepted, treat each other kindly, and build confidence by creating great art.

Miss Jen and her sons, Tanner and Mason

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